Schooltime Scaries: 3 More Ways to Help Your Preschooler Overcome Anxiety
Although 87% of five-year-olds were e rolled i preprimary programs duri g 2015, the first day of preschool ca be tough for both childre a d pare ts. Getti g used to a ew routi e ca be a real challe ge — a d eve experie ced adults may ot always adjust to a u familiar e viro me t with grace. It’s o surprise, the , that ma y preschoolers experie ce separatio a xiety whe they head off to class for the first time. But co trary to popular belief, the first day of preschool does ’t& bsp;have& bsp;to be traumatic. With these suggestio s i mi d, you’ll be able to prioritize preschool preparatio a d reduce the risk of a meltdow . Have Realistic Expectatio s Some preschool stude ts are able to adjust to their ew schedule right away a d have o problem maki g ew frie ds. But do [...]