Preventing Preschool Illness: Tips for Parents
U.S. Ce sus Bureau data shows that 6.7 billio childre receive some sort of care from a o -relative o a regular basis. Of those, 4.8 millio childre atte d a preschool program or daycare ce ter. A d while these programs are u doubtedly be eficial for childhood developme t, families may worry about their child’s exposure to germs. Of course, a y preschool classroom should have a solid routi e for sa itizi g toys a d disi fecti g surfaces to mi imize the spread of bacteria. But eve so, it’s still very possible for preschoolers to get sick. If a d whe they do, it’s ofte easy for these ill esses to spread amo g other preschool stude ts i a class. Although commo colds are par for the course, pare ts will wa t to do everythi g i their power to keep their childre healthy. With these tips i mi d, your family ca get the most out of preschool — thus prioritizi g importa t childhood developme t milesto es — while pote tially protecti g your child from various ill esses. Ask About Sick Policies [...]