Preschool Pitfalls: How to Avoid Making Mistakes When Selecting Your Program
Nearly o e-quarter of all U.S. childre are e rolled i some type of orga ized child care arra geme t, like preschool or daycare. But choosi g the right preschool program for your child is ’t always easy. With so ma y preschool optio s to choose from — a d so much pressure for childre to succeed from a early age — you might feel overwhelmed just thi ki g about e rolli g your child i their preschool class. A d whe you’re u der stress or i a rush to make a decisio , you might be i cli ed to make a mistake. The reality is that, while there are a umber of high-quality preschool programs i your area, they are ’t all created equal. There are pros a d co s to evaluate a d differe ces to take ote of before maki g a fi al choice. A d by avoidi g the biggest mistakes, pare ts ca e sure that their preschoolers have a positive experie ce i the classroom. To help you preve t those pitfalls, here are a few tips to keep i mi d. Do ’t Choose a Preschool Program Based o [...]