Preschool Checklist: What to Pack For the First Day
September is early here, which mea s ma y families have already devoted a sig ifica t amou t of time to choosi g the right preschool a d emotio ally prepari g their preschool childre for their first day. After all, 87% of five-year-olds i the U.S. were e rolled i preschool classes duri g 2015, so it’s likely your little o e will be joi i g i very shortly. But for all you’ve do e to ease the tra sitio i to this ew routi e, you’ll also eed to e sure your child has everythi g they will physically eed for the start of school. I order to set preschool stude ts up for success, teachers a d staff will let pare ts k ow about the esse tials that preschoolers should bri g o the first day. It’s a good idea for you to gather these items ahead of time to avoid the last-mi ute rush (a d to pote tially grab some deals). The , you a d your child ca pack these items so they’ll be ready to go whe it’s time. Ultimately, havi g these esse tials is just as importa t as choosi g the right preschool. Both ca [...]