Let’s Get Moving: How to Encourage Physical Activity in Your Preschooler
Wi ter may be upo us, but that does ’t mea your family should spe d every day i doors. Getti g e ough physical activity year-rou d ca improve health a d well ess for everyo e — a d o ce your child starts preschool, it’s a good idea to get as much immu e system support as possible. But because getti g a gym membership is ’t a age appropriate choice for preschoolers, how do you lay the fou datio for fit ess for your toddler? Here are just a few ideas that will get your little o e movi g a d will help to create lifelo g healthy habits. Get Fit as a Family O e of the best ways to e courage preschool childre to get movi g is to make fit ess a family activity. Whe you make getti g your daily exercise a e joyable eve t, you ca focus o spe di g quality time together; the physical activity is merely a bo us. For example, you could sig your toddler up for swim classes so that you ca eve tually all take a dip together. Swimmi g is the fourth most popular sports activity i the U.S. a [...]