How the Preschool Experience Benefits Parents AND Children
Now that fall is i full swi g, ma y families have already become accustomed to droppi g their childre off at their preschool classroom each mor i g. Other pare ts are already looki g ahead to the preschool programs available to them o ce their little o es are old e ough to atte d. But while most of us realize that early childhood educatio provides cou tless adva tages to you g childre , we might ot ack owledge how be eficial these programs ca be for adults, as well. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways i which both preschool stude ts& bsp;a d& bsp;their pare ts ca be efit from e rollme t a d atte da ce. Be efits for Preschoolers Preschool childre te d to thrive i e viro me ts that have structure a d eleme ts of predictability. Whe you care for your child at home, your schedule may differ imme sely from day to day. But i the preschool classroom, stude [...]