3 Traits to Look For in a Terrific Preschool Teacher
I 2015, early 87% of five-year-olds i the U.S. were e rolled i preprimary programs like preschool. For ma y America pare ts, preschool programs play a i tegral role i child developme t. But while choosi g the right local preschool program is esse tial, it’s also importa t to evaluate the teacher your child will e cou ter i their preschool classroom. Every teacher will have a differe t style, of course, a d every pare t will have differe t priorities for their child’s early educatio . But there are several traits that every qualified preschool teacher should possess. Before e rolli g your child i your preschool program of choice, make sure to visit the facility, observe a class, a d have a co versatio with the teacher to e sure that you’re maki g the best decisio for your family. Your child’s preschool teacher should be: Patie t a d Passio ate: A yo e who wa ts to effectively teach preschool stude ts eeds to possess a co siderable amou t of passio for their job. I ge eral, becomi g a teacher is ’t somethi [...]