Moisturizing & Nourishing Hair Mask
Moisturizes, strengthens and protects hair. With Pro-Vitamin B5, Green Tea, Glycerin, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter complex for smooth, shiny, strong hair. What to expect? Treat yourself to strong, shiny, healthy hair by using a hair mask regularly. While they’re great for addressing specific hair challenges, they are also key to good hair maintenance. Le Masque activated cream hair masks are suitable for all hair types and offer exceptional, longlasting results. This magical care hair mask with activated cream helps repair, nourish, strengthen and hydrate hair. Bounce and elasticity is restored in an instant and hair is re-densified to look - and stay - its lustrous, healthy best. Pro-vit B5 fortify and smooth hair, enhancing manageability while extract of green tea soothes and reduces irritation. Repairing glycerins instantly restores elasticity. Coconut oil and fruit acids deeply condition, extending softness and shine. Shea butter prevents dryness while plasticizers activate to provide a natural SPF for all-round powerful, protected hair.