Saving as Much Money as Possible on a Las Vegas Vacation
Tips to save money on your next Las Vegas trip. There are so many easy ways to plan a Las Vegas vacation that won’t break the bank if you just know where to look. It does not have to be extremely expensive when you carefully plan things out. Flights and hotels The first thing to consider is because Las Vegas is such a popular vacation destination for people all over the world that traveling there at peak times of the year is going to cost you more. In general airfare and hotel rooms in Las Vegas are cheaper during the summer months because people often travel to Las Vegas in the winter to escape the cold weather and there are fewer conventions going on in the city during summer. Also in general you will always find a huge difference between week rates versus weekend rates (rates can easily be multiplied by 5 when it’s a busy weekend!) You will want to decide whether you feel the need to stay in a hotel and casino on the Strip or stay at a nearby hotel off the Strip. Believe it or not there are ways to score a room in one of the hotel/casinos on the Strip without breaking the bank. In hotel casinos such as the Wynn for example, upon checking in you can ask the agent if there is a nicer room available than the one you booked. If you ask nicely and they have a nicer room available you can usually get the upgrade for free. Adding a nice tip will often help the process (this is usually referred to as “the 20 dollar trick”). Airfares fluctuate greatly depending on the occupancy rate of the flights. We recommend using airfares comparators and perform comparison every day for several days to detect trends and to be able to book at the lowest price. The buffets When it comes to feeding yourself in Las Vegas on a budget if you have a healthy appetite your best bet is to take advantage of the many buffets. One option is to skip breakfast and dinner and just pay for a lunch buffet. Most of the time you will have a choice of the same foods served at dinner but for a cheaper price. Some buffets even let you pay one price and come to the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Another tip is to enter the buffet a little bit before dinner time (most buffet switch from lunch to dinner service around 3/4pm). So let’s say the Dinner starts at 3:30pm, come at 3pm and you will then pay the lunch price but will enjoy the dinner food after 3:30pm (same tip applies between breakfast and lunch of course)! You should also note that there are fast food restaurants in the hotel casinos themselves and some standalone fast food restaurants on the Strip. Look for coupons Before you leave for your Las Vegas vacation, take some time to do your homework. Websites such as Groupon can often help you save money on meals, show tickets and more. Another key to finding out about coupons and discounts is to follow specific Las Vegas hotel & casino and other businesses on social media sites like Facebook. Some of the Las Vegas hotel/casinos extend special offers to those who follow them on Facebook and this can cut down on the amount of money you spend while there. We, at lasvegasjaunt, offer you a fresh list of all the hotel promo codes available here. you can also compare prices of all main hotel bookers with our search engine below : Moving around Getting around in Las Vegas does not necessarily require you to rent a car. Most of the hotel/casinos along the Strip have free shuttles that will take you to and from the airport. As far as getting around during your visit there are always busses running up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, otherwise known as the Strip. The most useful for you will certainly be The DEUCE : running 24 hours a day everyday, it drives along the strip from Mandalay Bay all the way to downtown stopping at most of the hotels. This is a much cheaper option than taking a cab anywhere in Las Vegas. The DEUCE route and schedule These are just a few of the ways you can save yourself some money on your Las Vegas vacation. What about you? Share your experience in the comments and tell us how you manage to save money when travelling to vegas?