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Tattoo Hunter - Mentawai Shamans of Indonesia (Full Episode) Tattoo Anthropologist Dr. Lars Krutak journeys to the remote jungle of Siberut Island, Indonesia, to learn about the spiritual tattoos and religious culture of the Mentawai... Tattoo Hunter - Hamar Scarification of Ethiopia (Full Episode) Dr. Krutak ventures to Ethiopia's Omo Valley to learn about the scarification rituals of the Hamar, a warrior tribe. Women's ritual scarification surrounding the bullah is also featured... Tattoo Hunter - Philippines: Warrior Tattoos of the Kalinga (Full Episode) Lars Krutak visits the last Kalinga tattooist Whang-Od in the rugged Cordillera Mountains... Tattoo Hunter - Benin: Scarmasters of the Bétamarribé (Full Episode) Lars Krutak heads to the west African country of Benin to learn about the meanings of Bétamarribé skin art from scarmasters who continue to ply human skin for all to see... Tattoo Hunter - Hawaiian Watermen of Makaha Beach (Full Episode) Lars journeys to Hawaii's Makaha