The Aussie pioneer of the Neo-Aboriginal style, Tatu Lu. A goanna and green tree snake. OVER 50,000 YEARS AGO, Aboriginal people arrived in Australia. The vast landscape they wandered as hunter-gatherers was believed to have been created in the Dreamtime, the sacred era in which ancestral spirit beings created the world itself. These spirit beings could take on many forms and whether they appeared as humans, animals, or plants they made all living things and infused the world with a sort of magical life-essence, concentrating it in places such as rocks and rock (art) shelters, water holes (billabongs), creeks, and trees. The Spirit Totems, as they are called, were the guardians of the natural world and today the Aboriginal people believe they are descended from these beings, especially those that are associated with various animal and plants that represent their original Dreamtime ancestors. In Aboriginal culture, painting, music, and dance have always been used to recreate