COVER IMAGE: Mo Naga visiting Konyak Naga warriors at Hungphoi village, Nagaland. Photo courtesy of the artist. (*click on images below to enlarge) HIDDEN IN THE GIANT ROOTS of a sacred banyan tree, dozens of human skulls peeked out of the morning mist to greet me as I approached their forested home. Some seemed to be smiling or screaming, while others wore blank expressions across their bony faces. Strewn about them were the remains of shattered ceramic pots, glass bottles, plastic plates, and burned-out candles that no longer held their wicks. Rice grains littered the ground and the dank earthy soil smelled of fermented alcohol. The entire scene resembled a dinner party gone horribly wrong. But I later learned that the dead inhabiting this otherworldly realm were "noble" and provided with seasonal offerings to enhance the fertility of the nearby village and its people - the Naga. Naga skull tree. Photograph © Lars Krutak. Living amidst the high mountains and forests of India's