TESTIMONIALS "LARS gave a public lecture full of great stories and evocative images. I felt we were watching the passing of an age, an age of ancient beliefs and time-honored traditions, and we will not see these things on the Earth ever again. There is a sadness in that passing, but at least the traditions are being documented by people like LARS and they can live on to some degree in the descriptions, oral histories, and photographs he has captured. He reminded me of a young Indiana Jones, but tougher than Indy...he has the tattoos to prove it!"- Gary Morgan PhD, Executive Director, MUSEUM OF TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY "LARS KRUTAK is the Indiana Jones meets David Attenborough of the tattoo world."- Pete Newstead, BIZARRE MAGAZINE, United Kingdom "Our audience was captivated by LARS KRUTAK's lecture on the magical tattoos of Asia, which he fully tailored to complement our new exhibition. He has full command of the material and visually stunning photos and videos to cement the themes.