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Kylie Travers and her team pride themselves on providing unique strategies, ideas and content creation for their clients. Having worked with small businesses through to international governments on a variety of campaigns including websites, social media, EDM’s, influencer programs and business, a strategy session with Kylie or her team members will accelerate your business. Power Sessions Power sessions can cover business or personal goals. Get 60 minutes one on one plus 60 minutes with Kylie reviewing your business, website and social media or life goals and the best way for you to implement it all. Brainstorm, problem solve and get a clear strategy to enable you to achieve your objectives to accelerate your business and life. These power sessions are intense, cover a lot and include a follow-up document outlining what was discussed, your strategy and goals, along with any recommended resources and tips from Kylie. Schedule Appointment $420 AUD Business Strategy Sessions And Training Do you want to increase revenue, rank higher in search engines, nail SEO for your site, get people talking about you on social media and have an engaged, loyal following? Our clients have tripled revenue within months through suggestions in these strategies sessions. One client saved $160,000 per year through one change implemented in 10 minutes suggested in a session. Another client found a $5,000,000 revenue stream they were able to implement within 3 months. Streamlining processes, increasing revenue and achieving objectives for your business is what we are about. Having created award-winning blogs with content that gets featured on national and international media, bought businesses, increasing their revenue then selling them for ten times their purchase price, Kylie and her team have extensive experience and are creative thinkers. Do you need help coming up with ideas? Do you need assistance working out what your business needs? Do you want creative problem solvers to find solutions, close the gaps in your business, suggest and create extra income streams and reduce expenses? A brainstorming session can help you get clarity, create new opportunities, list content ideas and enable us to connect you with businesses we think would be great for you to connect with to accelerate your business. Kylie can come on her own or with members of her team for 1 hour through to full days or weeks to cover strategy sessions, marketing and business advice, create new revenue streams, implement strategies and maximise all areas of your business. Training, workshops or speaking are charged with per project rates based on your requirements. Email or contact us here to book a session. Writing Finance, real estate, travel, parenting, mental health, homelessness and health are all topics Kylie is passionate about and experienced in. She also has a team of Australian writers available to write on any topic. Kylie has written content for, KidSpot, MoneyQuest, Citiwide, Scary Mommy, Yahoo, Mozo, Telstra, MoneyQuest, KleenexMums, Ready Magazine (USA) as well as other sites she owns such as The Thrifty Issue. She is a published author, has ghostwritten books for other authors and would love to work on your project whether it be articles, a book, website or advertising content. Rates are based on your requirements, the length of time researching and writing the article and whether it includes promotion across her channels or not. Email or contact us here to book a session.