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Kylie Travers is based in Melbourne, Australia with her two young daughters. She went from homeless single mother to multiple international award-winning CEO, author, speaker and ambassador in the space of a few years. With experience running multiple businesses, exceptional skills in content and influencer marketing, Kylie has worked with national and international governments, not for profits and small businesses to increase their presence online and their ROI. She has also worked one on one with various women, helping them to achieve the life they always dreamed of. Passionate, resilient, outgoing and compassionate are words often used to describe Kylie. Having overcome homelessness, domestic violence, health issues including paralysis and extreme pain, Kylie knows how difficult life can be. An advocate for ending homelessness and domestic violence, Kylie has spent considerable time, energy and money speaking out and making changes in these areas. To book Kylie email or to find out more about her speaking head here. Awards Kylie Travers has received Kylie Travers has been awarded various awards, been a runner-up or finalist for others and nominated for many more. Here is a selection of the main awards. Young Australian Of The Year: Finalist In 2015, Kylie Travers (then Kylie Ofiu) was a finalist for Young Australian Of The Year in the ACT. Kylie was nominated for not only overcoming extreme obstacles in her life but also dedicating herself to ending homelessness and domestic violence. Plutus Foundation Service Award: Winner Kylie Travers was awarded the inaugural Plutus Foundation Service Award for her work in ending homelessness and domestic violence. Unfortunately, due to ill health, Kylie was unable to attend the ceremony. Two of her close friends at FinCon accepted the award on her behalf. Full ceremony below. At 43 minutes and 25 seconds the award is announced. Plutus Awards | FinCon 2015 from Philip Taylor on Vimeo. One of 15 Women To Watch In 2015, Her Canberra, announced 15 women to watch at an event at the Hyatt. Kylie was one of the 15 women in Canberra selected. Emerging Entrepreneur: Runner-up At the St George Ausmumpreneur Awards in 2015, Kylie came second in the category “Emerging Ausmumpreneur” for her marketing company Occasio Enterprises. She founded the company in 2014, immediately securing government and not for profit contracts for social media marketing and training. Lifeline Rising Woman of Spirit 2015: Runner-up For her ongoing advocacy work and fundraising efforts around ending homelessness and domestic violence, combined with all she has overcome, Kylie was runner-up in 2015 for Lifeline’s Rising Woman of Spirit. Lifeline Rising Woman of Spirit 2014: Finalist Prior to being a runner-up, Kylie was a finalist the year before for Lifeline’s Rising Woman of Spirit. Best International Personal Finance Blog: Winner Twice When married, Kylie used her married name of Kylie Ofiu for one of her sites. This site won Best International Personal Finance Blog in 2012 and 2013. Kylie divorced in 2013 and changed her name in 2014 back to her maiden name. You can find the 2012 award ceremony here. Community Hero: Runner-up Kylie was nominated for this award and came second. Had she won, $20,000 was to be donated to Ainslie Village where St Vincent de Paul had a drop in centre Kylie volunteered at.