Second Course: Applied Communication | This stop, Stockholm
The course of applied communication is one of the best courses at KI. It is a course that focuses on the development of individual's ability to communicate scientific knowledge. It can be often observed that a groundbreaking research when poorly presented makes it unappealing to the audience. Thus, presenting one's research in an engaging way is of utmost importance. The course of applied communication targets to do the same. The course is very well designed to cover various aspects of communication. The course starts with Poster presentation, Scientific writing, Rhetorics and ends with Bioethics. Each section is explored in an interactive manner over a period of a week. In the first week we started with introduction to Poster Presentation. We were divided into groups and given a list of research paper to a select from. After few weeks of preparation, we presented to our peers in an interactive and constructive feedback session. We were able to see and understand the use of di