Fourth course: Frontiers in Translational Medicine (Part-2) | This stop, Stockholm
Project The second aspect of this course was the group project. The aim of this project was to get hands on experience in various techniques that we learned during the course and to experience life of a researcher. The project was performed in groups of 6 students. Each group was assigned a technique based on which the experiment had to be designed and each member of the group was assigned a specific role. The technique assigned to the group and individual role was mostly based on a poll conducted earlier. The techniques covered were, CRISPR, FACS, Immunofluorescence based microscopy, and qPCR. For example, my group was assigned the FACS technique and we had a communicator, a coordinator, technical experts, scientific responsible and a data analyst. As a group we had to design a simple research question that could be answered using FACS. Once we had the question, we made a list of materials required. We were given a strict budget of 10000kr. The challenge was to stick to the budget an