Fourth course: Fromtiers in Translational Medicine (Part-1) | This stop, Stockholm
The final course at Karolinska is Frontiers in Translational Medicine or FTM. This course is of 16.5 credits and thus the longest course. The course has two main aspects: 1) The theory lectures and facility visits 2) Project Today I will be talking about the theory lectures and facility visits. The course is designed to give an introduction to various fields of research in complex diseases and the application of next generation high throughput techniques to develop improved therapeutic approaches that can be eventually used in clinics. Initially, we were introduced to various types of animal models such as Mice and Zebra fish. We also visited the zebra fish facility at KI and learned about the breeding techniques, and its potential applications in research. In the following weeks we lectures on various advanced molecular techniques such as FACS, CRISPR Cas-9 system and a special lecture on Organ-on-Chip. In the same week we also had our first lab of the programme. The objective of