Nobel Prize Lecture Series | This stop, Stockholm
The Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in the year 2018 was awarded to Dr. James P. Allison and Dr. Tasuku Honjo. One of the best things about living in Stockholm is that you can experience the Nobel week celebrations in person. Every year the Nobel prize is given to the selected Nobel Laureates on 10th of December in a grand ceremony. The celebration of the Nobel week is filled with events like talks from the laureates, to a session where one can meet laureates in person. This year's Nobel prize were given in the field of Medicine or Physiology, Chemistry, Physics and Economics. Literature Prize was cancelled due to some issues. As a person with interest in basic sciences I always wanted to attend the Nobel lectures in Stockholm, live. And coming from a biology background, I was extremely excited to attend the Physiology lecture since the day I decided to come to Stockholm to study. Let me tell you something about the Physiology prize. The Physiology La