The Training Design Podcast - Keystone Development and Training Ltd
It is with great pleasure (and slight nervousness) that I announce the arrival of the Training Design Podcast. I started listening to podcasts a year or 18 months ago, and find many of them very interesting. It’s a great way to do a bit of CPD whilst running errands or exercising. But whilst the L&D ones I listened to were thought provoking, few of them had a real PRACTICAL focus. So, when fellow designer Terry Pearce and I got talking about it, we decided that if we ever did a podcast, it would have to be practical above all else. And it is. Created BY practitioners FOR practitioners we take a main topic each week and discuss what it is, why we should do it, some key principles and practical tips for doing whatever “it” is! You can listen HERE We’d also love you to like the FACEBOOK PAGE so we can discuss the content of each episode as it is released,