Libra: The balanced beautifier of the horoscope family, Libra energy inspires us to seek peace, harmony and cooperation—and to do it with style and grace. Symbol: The Scales of JusticeElement: AirRuling Planet: Venus — the planet of beauty and loveBody Part: Lower back, buttGood Day: Charming, lovable, fair, sincere, sharing, hopelessly romanticBad Day: Vain, indecisive, melodramatic, manipulative, spoiled, delusionalFavorite Things: Concerts at large venues, poetry, expensive jewelry, designer clothes, rich foodWhat You Hate: Dull or practical people, bullies, being pressured to decide, saying goodnight, hearing the word “maybe”Secret Wish: To love and be loved in returnHow to Spot Them: Small symmetrical features, dimples, gentle eyes, outrageous designer outfitsWhere You’ll Find Them: Dancing the night