Payton Pierce's KAM story: In his own words |
I was cleaning up files on my computer as the 2015 Season ended and getting files ready for next season and as I was moving documents from one area to another I came across this one from Payton Pierce. I don't think that I ever published it (I searched and only found this testimony from him on the website Click Here). The original date is 12-22-13. Here is what he sent me: "Kart racing started, for me, when I was eleven and went to Kam Kartway to watch a race with a friend. Within just a few short months I had my first Kart and was ready to start racing with the best in the Stock Animal class at Kam Kartway in the spring of 2008. Little did I know the competition was stiffer than I had expected. In my first year at Kam Kartway I didn't win a single race and was beginning to get discouraged thinking maybe this isn't for me, but I kept striving to chase my dream of being the best and when the spring of 2009 rolled around I picked up my first A main win in my racing career at Kam