How to Write A Press Release for your Race Team |
Ever wonder how to get your Driver or Team information written about or booked as a guest to be interviewed on a Motorsports podcasts or race radio show? It's all about a well written and timely sent Press Releases (and Blog Posts!). And you don't have to hire a professional PR firm to write them to get noticed. You must have consistency and interesting news or "feel-good" stories to talk about. Media relations is part of a public relations strategy by way of Press Releases and is focused for the media in an effort to get them to write a story about you. First things first – do you have a Facebook Fan Page? A Driver or Team Website? Because these are where your "announcements" and/or Stories with background information should be posted first, and the place to reference for "more information" so the media outlet (ie: reporter or show host) can go and get a bigger picture and background information about your driver and race team. These 3 things: Website, Facebook page and consistent