How to Create a Twitter Account |
How to set up a Twitter account You may already have a Twitter account for your personal use, but like the Facebook Fan Page we created for your driver, a separate Driver/Race Team Twitter account should be created. Remember the reason is create Driver Branding and to be uniform across all social media platforms. Your Twitter app on your smart phone will let you go back and forth between the two accounts without having to log out and sign back in as the other user. So the extra effort is minimal and the payoff for Driver Marketing is too big not to create a Branded Twitter account. So go to Twitter.com and click sign up then create your account. Remember to use the same or similar account name that you used for Facebook and Instagram. As I've mentioned before, your Brand across all platforms should represent the driver's race team with an identifiable name (their name is always a best choice pick if it's available) and should be searchable. Social Media channels, like Twitter, will