Full Review: Large Monster Series Pacific Rim Leatherback Vinyl Figure by X-Plus
FIGURE SPECS 大怪獣シリーズ パシフィック・リム レザーバック JAPAN ORIGINAL RELEASE: July 2016 SERIES: Large Monster Series MATERIAL: VINYL FROM: “Pacific Rim” (2013) HEIGHT (HEAD): 8.75 INCHES / 22.22 CM HEIGHT (SHOULDERS): 9.75 INCHES / 24.76 CM WIDTH: (ELBOW TO ELBOW) 12 INCHES / 30.48 CM LENGTH: (head to HEELS) 12 INCHES / 30.48 CM FIGURE WEIGHT: 2 lbs, 1 OZ / 935 G REVIEW AND PHOTOS: © JOHN STANOWSKI The Large Monster Series Leatherback vinyl figure by X-Plus was released in July 2016 nearly three years after Pacific Rim first hit theater screens. It was followed by only one other of Pacific Rim’s kaijus: Knifehead. Perhaps if X-Plus had got to work on vinyls from this franchise sooner, there would be more of them. But, as it is, we have two gems. And both of them are totally worth getting. Leatherback had some excellent screen time having engaged with jaegers Cherno Alpha, Striker Eureka and ending with an epic fight with Gipsy Danger. This gorilla-ish kaiju was f**king awesome. And, so is the vinyl by X-Plus! (Mostly) If you’ve forgotten how f’n cool Leatherback is, take a break and check this out: Now, let’s look at the X-Plus. THE BOX Leatherback comes in a plain, brown cube with monochromatic art printed directly on the box. This box is about 14.5 inches on all sides and has slightly more volume than a typical, larger, 30cm Series figure. If you see a round, yellow stick over this art, you’re looking at a RIC exclusive version. (I have and am reviewing the Standard.) Inside, the figure is wrapped in plastic and wire-tied in an open plastic shell comprised of only a “floor” and one “wall”. And that’s all it needs. There […]