Pantomime – Part 2
I have chosen personal and collective indicators to represent varying experiences and emotions. Through purposeful distortion and the camera's ability to alter reality, the meaning of these images are fractured and reimagined through their lack of trust and authenticity to the real world. The idea of separation is furthered by the lack of human presence which I have mainly avoided, in order to induce an objective loneliness from the individual self and the surrounding world. My motivation for this series is due to my mechanical nature to document the world around me and question its motives, and meaning. I have used mostly public space to expand and widen their perspective points. I owe many creative decisions during production to my research on the Surrealists, specifically the painter Rene Magritte. These 37 photographs have been selected from a personal collection of 6,511 images using this specific approach. Pantomime is part of an ongoing body of work.