The Insider and the Outsider | JOTA-JOTI
This month's team blog presents a glimpse of what is at the table of the World JOTA-JOTI Team. What can you expect to see this year, leading up to the 2016 JOTA-JOTI event? Here's the inside view: Inside-out The team will put more emphasis on promoting the JOTA-JOTI event. A detailed communication plan is in place. This team blog, written by a different team member each month, is just one part of the plan. One focal point is on the support and commitment of the National JOTA-JOTI Coordinators (NJCs). After all, the NJCs make the JOTA-JOTI work in their country, adapt and translate the international info and promote the event. To assist NJCs in an exchange of ideas, the World JOTA-JOTI Team has put a brand new mailing list in place, together with an interactive NJC Forum on the event web site. NJCs can log in to the JOTA-JOTI web site and have access to the Forum. A couple of NJCs across the globe kindly tested the system for us. There's more to come; the same log-in facility can