The one question we are asked on the daily. If there was a simple answer then my gosh, trust us when we say we would have expanded our size range two years ago. But the truth is, it really isn’t just as easy as ‘expanding our size range’. For each fabric we release, we print the absolute least we can. Why? We are a very young and small label, We like to keep all of our designs quite limited so that you’re not seeing every Joe Blow on the street in the same piece. If we could add extra sizes to fit into the small amount amount of fabric we have printed, we would! However, our manufacturer (who by the way has really FANTASTIC ethical and sustainable practices which can be hard to find) limits us to only 6 sizes for the amount of fabric we CURRENTLY print. Key word, currently. Why not change manufacturers? My gosh, do you know how hard these things are to find? We have such a great relationship with our manufacturer and their quality is second to none. Oh, did we mention they have really fantastic ethical and sustainable practices too? We could sit here all day and bang on about how great they are but we won’t because we probably don’t need to justify to those sitting here taking the time to read our blog. Will you ever print more fabric so that you can expand your size range?The simple answer is YES and we can’t wait! Do we know when this will happen? Well...we are testing the waters really soon. By test the waters, I mean we’ll be releasing one ‘limited edition’ piece this May where we are doing our absolute best to increase our size range by at least 2 sizes. As for the soon as we know, you’ll know, trust us. In fact you’ll probably be wishing you never asked because we’ll be talking about it day in, day out for quite some time. For now though, we’re just an 8-18 label and be to completely honest, we’re still refining those sizes across all of our styles. We started this label with a simple shift dress back in February 2016 that went from a 8-16. Since then, life has been one huge whirlwind of keeping up with the demand for fun, printed, quality clothing. As we introduce new styles, we work so hard on getting the sizing right. When we release a new piece we receive a lot of feedback from our wonderful customers about things they think could be improved and we appreciate it so much. Believe it or not, we actually take all the feedback on board too and we refine that same style for it’s next release in hope that we can continue making beautiful clothes that look good on all ages, shapes and sizes. Hang in there x