Our Confusion Over What Is A “Lawyer”
A profession facing an existential crisis The Algorithmic Society Author: Ken Grady is an adjunct professor for Michigan State University College of Law's LegalRnD – The Center for Legal Innovation. When I was an undergraduate student, I suffered from lack of focus. Unlike many in my cohort, I enjoyed a broad range of classes. My pre-med friends liked science courses and, for the most part, endured humanities courses. My humanities friends steered clear of the science buildings and lived for courses that explored the meaning of life. Other friends spent hours in art classes, or carried around thick books with fascinating titles such as "Intermediate Cost Accounting" or "Financial Management". But I enjoyed a broad palette of courses. I took many of the heavy science courses (inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, anatomy). I also took as many psychology courses as I could fit in — my goal was to become an academic studying the biological causes of human behavior.