Matthew Whitaker Applied To Be A Judge With A Ridiculous Collection Of Nonsense And Football | JD Calc
Source: Above The Law By JOE PATRICE Back in 2010, Pretending Attorney General Matthew Whitaker attempted to snag himself an Iowa judgeship. Specifically, Whitaker was aiming for the Iowa Supreme Court, presumably so he could do his part in blocking marriage equality, which at the time had just been authorized by a unanimous Iowa high court opinion. He even waxes philosophic at the end of his application about how the Court has "wandered beyond its constitutional authority" and cites John Roberts lying about how judges are just umpires. The real story here though isn't that a right-wing operative wanted to crash a gay-friendly state court, but that his application is so laughably bad. It's just a complete mess. The good people over at American Bridge have uncovered Whitaker's application to be considered for the Iowa Supreme Court and… wow. If you wondered why career DOJ personnel are so concerned about Whitaker wielding any significant measure of power in his new