PACKSTARTER: We're kickstarting PACK Comicbook | jayeldraco.com
You Guys! We’re doing it! We’re Kickstarting PACK! You’re doing what with PACK? PACK Issue 01: Humility, written by Lynsey G. and illustrated by Jayel Draco, is complete! Now we just gotta get it into your hands. So we’re funding a 1,000-copy print run of the first issue of PACK at Kickstarter! Humility, the PACK’s smallest but fiercest member, will get his very own comic book, and PACK fans will get to hold it in their hands. Pledge today to get your own signed copy of PACK #01: Humility, art prints, original sketches, cameo appearances in future issues, and so much more! At the time of me writing this I’m still drinking my morning coffee, just starting day 3 of the 28-day Kickstarter, and we’re already 46% funded. So I think we’ve got a good shot at making it. For those of you who don’t know, with a Kickstarter campaign, if you don’t reach 100% of your goal, you don’t get any of it. However, the way things are looking, we may very well end up exceeding our goal, in which case we’ll be offering stretch-goals. Reaching our stretch-goals means we’ll be able to offer even more than initially promised, ie: a 32-page comicbook (instead of 24), [...]