Great Nations now available! | jayeldraco.com
Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia is now available! OMG! BIG NEWS EVERYONE! As many of you already know my partner, Lynsey G and I started a publishing company just over a year ago called Oneshi Press. We started it for two reasons: 1) We were working on several projects that we wanted to put out into the world, and 2) We want to eventually bring other people’s stories to the world. Also. We’ve been hard at work writing, editing, and making tons of artwork for a number of illustrated books, graphic novels, and comics, and now the first book is ready! It’s a fantasy art novel that tells some of the back story for the larger fantasy narrative Children of Gaia, which has been an on going work in progress by myself and Chris Covelli for over 20 years. In the past few years our efforts have been joined by a small but growing team of outstanding talent, including: Lynsey G, Peter lampasona, Laure Bersig, and Jenny Williamson. This book, The Great Nations of Rendaraia is told from the perspective of a character within the larger story, it’s written and illustrated as if he, the fictional character Jan’Ka’Zian wrote and illustrated it himself. I’ve spent the last [...]