2018: A Year in Review - jamiechancetravels
Well I can’t believe we’re here with only a few days left of 2018! I’m not going to lie but the last year, up until August at least, has been my favourite so far. The year started with fireworks in Sydney Harbour followed by a road trip half way around Australia and a quick stint in Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Since August, I’m afraid there’s not really been anything of note. It took far longer to settle back to the English way of life than I thought. I’m not actually sure that I have settled back in. I’ve managed to find a desk job (with flexitime) which is helping build my bank balance back up. For now at least, opportunities to travel have slowed right down. What is clear though is that I want, maybe even need, to keep visiting new places and keep moving forward. My Highlights of 2018 It’s so hard to narrow this year down into just a few highlights, practically impossible, but here are some that are definitely at the top of my list: Getting Engaged in the Blue MountainsSnorkelling the Great Barrier ReefWatching Sunrise at UluruLazing in the Best Infinity Pool in the World The Year as a Travel Blogger This blog is now just over 12 months old and has grown from somewhere only friends and family visit to something that has an actual following. Well, a small following. I’m still in the early days of blogging but I’m happy for the 15,000 views over the last year. Considering that I’ve only posted 69 times, that’s not bad going. Thank you to every single person who has visited my blog this year and, hopefully, next year will be even better. Maybe next year I can get to 30,000? Oh and I’ve been nominated for the UK’s best blog in both the Travel and Photography categories. My Five Most Popular Posts of 2018 I’ve taken a look at the stats and these are the posts that have attracted the most views. I knew that my post on my camera settings would be the most popular; it is literally going crazy on Google right now! My Fujifilm JPEG SettingsA Photo Walk Through VeniceThe Side of Bali You Don’t SeeThe Great Switch: From RAW to JPEGPrague Doesn’t Let Go: My Favourite Photos of Prague What Next? Now that I’m back in England and in much need of money, the next few years are likely to be a little different. Emma and I plan to buy our first home and are in the process of sorting out our wedding. The need for money at the moment has taken priority but that doesn’t mean we won’t still be travelling. There’s no point we’ll be making the most of weekends away in the UK and city-breaks across Europe. We even have a few long haul breaks planned (and one booked!). I still plan on blogging and sharing my photos but it might just be at a little slower pace than normal. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me on this adventure and kept supporting me! I know who you are! I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas. All the best to you all for 2019 and safe travels! Jamie