How We Run WordPress | Jamas.Net
I wanted to keep an evergreen log of how we run WordPress. Currently, we manage 35+ WordPress sites under the company name Rigadoon New Media (RNM). You can see some of those projects on the My Web Projects page. Hopefully, you will find these details useful. If you have questions or suggestions then add a comment at the bottom of the page. Server Starting at the base. After running on various shared hosting environments and then eventually our own VPS, RNM finally went with running our own server, and we haven't looked back. The machine is a So You Start server by OVH running out of their Montreal data centre. It has been amazingly reliable, with only one network-related outage in 5 years. The machine is way overpowered for our hosting needs but it makes the WordPress sites scream. The only resource that is running short is disk space. The server uses SSDs to boost performance but that comes with a hit on storage. We are in the process of migrating to a similar server in with