peaksaver Plus Review | Jamas.Net
In 2009 I signed up for the peaksaver program of HydroOttawa. At the time I was mostly interested in getting a new programmable thermostat and liked the idea of the ability to control it remotely. All free. Overall I liked that program, you can read more in my peaksaver Review. This year HydroOttawa started offering the peaksaver Plus program. This program includes the programmable thermostat, that was part of the original program, combined with a wireless energy display. Existing peaksaver customers can sign up for the new program. I was hoping this would include the newer thermostat but all you get is the energy monitor. The energy monitor is pretty cool. I have used a Kill-A-Watt energy monitor by P3 International for a few years now. That device allows you to monitor the power consumption of a single device or multiple devices running from a power bar. This is great for finding out the true power consumption of devices around your house, but is limited to things that you can