JOSSA 2010 | Jamas.Net
Well only a few months late. I could list many excuses, including a last minute ski trip to Whistler, but I won't bore you with that (future post on that ski trip coming soon!). So a little late but here are the 10 projects that received my JOSSA (Jamas Open Source Software Award) for 2010. Firefox/Thunderbird - Mozilla - I have been a long time user of both Firefox and Thunderbird, both at home and the office. Looking forward to seeing what the next major revision will bring. Lightning - Mozilla - OK another one to Mozilla but this project deserved its own special mention. It has allowed me at work to continue to fight our IT department in moving to Outlook. It still has some issues but with the ability to talk to exchange servers and Google calendars it is easy to overlook these. Looking forward to the future of this project. Tab Mix Plus - onemen and Gary Reyes - On a typical day I have 15+ tabs open in FireFox. Managing these can get a little bit frustrating. Thankfully the