The journey of an OutSystems mobile app into the Apple store | Jade Eli Technologies
After several challenging interactions with the process of creating mobile apps for the Apple store, I have decided to ease my pain by writing it down and at the same time share it with the community. I will also use this opportunity to introduce Apple Test Flight as a way to test your iOS applications. Are there other ways of doing this? Probably, but this one is going to be documented! And until Apple or OutSystems updates their process, this is the path I will be taking! Build your mobile app in OutSystems This is the easiest step! OutSystems provides the possibility to build native mobile applications that can be uploaded to the mobile stores. Everything starts with this screen: OutSystems Service Studio New Application display After selecting the type of app you want to develop, you just need to pick the template, set a name and an icon and you are ready to go! If you don't know how to build a mobile application in OutSystems, you can follow the OutSystems University and learn.