AI is here to support and not to replace – at first. | Jade Eli Technologies
In a previous post we talked about AI supported development IDEs where we explored the idea of assistive AI's in the development process which we want to explore a bit futher today. Because one of the possible options was to guide a 4GL IDE which is a much more fruitful ground to apply the theory. My background is in AI and Robotics, of which designing languages and modelling systems is a core part. When looking at what Workflow does for Apple Apps micro and macro functions, the same should be applied to IDE actions. Executing micro functionality and allowing to bundle them into a more sophisticated chain of events which can be triggered via voice commands and making them shareable is the first step. Some IDE's have some great CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality but why stop on those specific actions where there are so many hidden gems that could be crafted into a beautiful necklace ... or a workflow ? The next step is to describe those blocks in a way that first of all