Exploring Assistive Artifical Intelligence and Automation (AAIAA) development systems | Jade Eli Technologies
A developer learns a set of basic skills that he can combine into more complex combinations of these language constructs. Variables, Loops, Classes, Objects, Functions, and so on. He learns about existing solutions and libraries that solve a specific problem that he can use, instead of having to implement them. He remembers solutions he has implemented before as he gains more experience and starts to re-use some of his own code and improves his skills as he reads and learns more about development and solving the specific problems he is facing. He understands how to persist data, how to enable high volume data processing and to leverage physical or cloud based hardware resources. He learns about security, presentation, maybe front end development and design and so on. He specialises into something that he is interest in or excited about or that gives him certain outcomes based on his goals (money, career advance options, fulfillment, etc.). Isn't there a way for us to replicate that ?