There is no such things as LowCode or NoCode – Or: How to turn your grandmother into a software developer | Jade Eli Technologies
LowCode and NoCode are misleading terms, as neither of them are true or make sense. Wheather the code gets generated out of a visual model or a nocode model is being interpreted at runtime in a proprietary runtime engine - in the end there is always code - no matter how high the level of abstraction is - everything end up being instructions to a machine that get executed. With a number of layers on top that add their bits until there is assembler and 0s and 1s - everything else is fake news. If we manage to distance ourselves from those terms - as in fact they are not too different from each other - we can talk about what they really are: They talk about a creation process. What these terms describe is the process of the creation of an application or enterprise software but in the end there is always code and software which solves problems. So if the space we really need to talk about is problem solving then what those technologies fundamentally have managed to address, is the skillset