How To Manage Exercise Routines During The IVF Treatment Period
The lifestyle you lead—typically exercise and diet—can affect your fertility rate. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between women with increased IVF success rates and healthy weights. Before you start planning for a rigorous exercise routine, you should keep in mind that IVF and exercise can make things slightly tricky. If you perform too much cardiovascular exercises, these activities may have a direct impact on your ability to produce reproductive hormones. In other words, your ability to conceive may be at stake. So, how much is too much? And what alternative exercises and intensity levels should you follow to achieve a healthy pregnancy and a successful IVF cycle? Here are some tips to get you started: Avoid High-Impact Exercises If you are used to performing high-impact exercises, it is about time that you take the backseat. As an IVF patient, you should avoid any impact, injuries, and serious falls that affect the abdominal wall. Accidents like these can put your