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Facebook Page Most people use Facebook as a personal way to stay in touch with family and friends. But you can also use it for business, by creating a Hub*. These Hubs allow you to connect directly with your customers and have 'one on one' conversations with them. You can create specials and communicate with those following you on Facebook. This is a very low cost form of internet marketing. You can build your audience by encouraging current customers to 'like' what they read. Facebook is a quick way to provide information to your customers. You can create groups and have other likeminded folk to join in the discussions. I have actually won work by joining in discussions in a Facebook group and being able to assist someone with an IT problem. This was free, but I was then asked to do more work as a paid consultant. * A Hub is simply a special page set up within your Facebook account that enables you to specifically communicate with customers re your business. Twitter Twitter allows