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In today's world, it is hard to imagine how we would cope without the use of emails. Australia Post is struggling because there is so little mail being sent; communication is now mostly done via emails. Even contracts that need to be signed can be first scanned then sent by email. If you have problems organising emails, I can help set up rules to move emails to folders for simplicity of filing and finding. I can also setup email accounts; show you how to use Outlook to plan meetings; how to correctly use the Task and Calendar function; and how to setup mail signatures (a very important marketing tool). Publisher Our marketing team find this software simple to use and able to give sound professional results. O.K – it is not exactly Photo Shop, but it does work quite well for small business and is a lot easier to use! You can use it to:- Setup newsletters (including graphics) Creating flyers and posters Desktop publishing Customised 'With Compliment' slips etc.