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Access can solve many of your business problems. You might be using Excel to maintain stock lists and levels, customer lists, quotes and ordering etc. But are finding it hard to maintain. You may be struggling with a paper system and is now becoming unbearable to manage. An Access database can take over and make it easier for you to keep on top of everything. It will give you a 'heads up' with reporting on such things as, when you need to purchase stock, or to stop you from missing lead times (e.g. meeting deadlines for orders). Consider some of these solutions for potential problems you may experience:- Inventory System Keeping track of inventory, when ordered, delivered, supplied. Able to create invoices Able to track payments Contact Database Create a contact database, and enter details about your interaction with clients/suppliers Link to documents that you send clients, or they send to you. Billing System If you provide a service, you will want to track who you are