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Most people know what an App is. They hear about them on TV and if they own an iPod, iPhone or iPad, they can automatically access a suite of Apps. An App you may be familiar with could be a Calendar, the Weather or perhaps even a Banking App. Then, of course, there is an enormous range of entertainment Apps. GET YOUR FREE APP HERE How Can an App Help Your Business? You can use an App as:- A promotional/marketing tool (which is usually free) Or the App can be sold as a product Like with any other promotional and marketing tools, your main aim is to provide some valuable information to existing and potential clients. Within your free App you can also direct the viewer to a website, video, book etc. where you encourage them to purchase something of even greater (yet related) value. This is known as Attraction Marketing and is much more successful than the old fashioned 'push/pull' form of marketing. How? Unfortunately most Micro and Home Based Business operators would not even