Van de Graaff Generator with Accessories
The Irwin Van de Graaff generator is designed to be operated by hand (which confirms that the charge generated is independent of mains electricity) an additional power source can be connected but not supplied. This rugged unit will help you give demonstrations that will impress the socks off your students, or at least stand their hair on end. The variable speed generator will develop potentials as high as 350,000 volts making it possible to perform all basic electrostatic experiments on a large and spectacular scale! With sparks of 8 cm to as high as 12 to 15 cm, yet a maximum continuous current of just 10 microamps, it's quite safe for classroom use. The unit requires minimal assembly when shipped and is supplied with an extra transport belt.FeaturesNeon indicator and a helicopter.Rubber drive beltSilicon main beltDischarge sphereHead of hairDimensionsSphere Diameter 280mmOverall height 760mmBase length 380mmBase depth 230mmWeight 8kg