Ways the US Military could benefit from the Samsung Note 7 recall |
Re-purpose! Why waste technology? The Galaxy Note 7 could easily be repurposed for a plethora of tools that could be used in different ways. I have thought of a few myself, but I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg: 1: MRE Heater .Mils gotta eat and hot food is better. You could use the Note 7 as an MRE heater by placing it next to a rock or something, and power it up! 2: Mines In regions where goat ******* are a-plenty, place some Note 7's for area-denial operations...or perhaps as bait. No-brainer! 3: Grenades 'Nuff said! 4: Active Armor Applications The crews of the M1 Abrams could benefit from Note 7's by placing them on the outside of the MBT. AT weapons deployed by goat ******* would be severely marginalized. 5: Flares Launching Note 7's from aircraft would attract AA missiles and save lives.