Voicemail transcription services integrated in iOS 10.3 | Beta |
Voicemail transcription integrated into iMessage Yesterday, I produced a video that shows deeper integration of Weather in the iOS Maps application. It would seem that 10.3, which should be the last versioned incremental update for iOS until iOS 11, is focused on integration of services where they would seem relevant, and elevate the user experience by bringing data into one app from another, where app switching would be required for the same cognizance. Today, I got an SMS message from the SMS link service in an iMessage thread that stated a voice message could not not be properly transcribed: Voicemail transcription is nothing new, but it happens in the Phone app. When I tapped on the number at the bottom, (the SMS link service number) I heard the voicemail that was left for me but could not be transcribed. Field Testing Naturally, I wanted to find out what would happen if someone else called the number presented to me, and also what would happen if the message was successfully