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Documented analysis on governance, legislation, public opinion and international laws pertaining to mobile technology. We don't always get it right, but it is still better here than it is anywhere else. 1 ISIS is using Android and their app to plan how they will kill you It's called Alwari. An Android .apk that is side-loaded by the user and circumvents the 'security' of the PlayStore distribution method. Another hole poked into the Google schema of technology distribution. I have contacted Ghost Security Group about their findings, and asked them a few question about the encryption and other matters. But what you need to realize, is that ... Read More Child Privacy | Sen. Franken (D) sends PING to Google, expects PONG by February 12th Save the Children from Big Business Companies Senator Franken is no noob when it comes to yanking the chains of what his political base would call, "Big Business", or, "The Companies". Both of these terms are nasty