The conundrum of smartphones for everyone |
The conundrum of smartphones for everyone Everybody pays. It just depends on when and where. I was told a story about a gent who wanted to go on a cruise, but the cost of the ticket was more than he though he could justify. He had heard from friends and family that that there are hidden costs in the events and the parties you can attend while on the cruise. So he decided that he would bring what he could in the way of subsistence, and avoid the temptation to spend any money he didn't have to. So, he stayed in his cabin during the social events, the classes, and the fancy dinners...even though he could hear everyone having a great time. He was content enough to be fortunate enough to be on a safe and sea worthy vessel, on its way to his destination. At the end of the cruise while disembarking he was approached by the events coordinator who asked him why she hadn't seen him the entire time underway. When he finally confessed that he brought food with him because he couldn't anything